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Summer School

What is Summer School

Simply put, a summer school is a programme of study supported by a school or school district during the summer vacation. Programmes generally take from 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the institution and the course of study. There are usually a wide variety of summer school courses taking place.

One may enrol on to a summer school out of an interest they have, to seek formal recognition of some kind, for professional training or in preparation for further education. The summer schools are open to all, unless otherwise stated.

Why to attend a summer school abroad

Those intending to study or work in a particular country will gain a unique opportunity to learn about and experience its culture, style of education and many other things. This will give you a chance to try new approaches to learning and expand your abilities. It will also give you the opportunity to adjust to the new country and settle down.

The experience will also make it easier for you to pursue your long-term course of study while away from your family. Upon successful completion of your chosen summer course, you will be able to apply for a long term, full time course with established universities.

How it will help you to build your career

Summer schools are highly regarded by employees and universities. They are not mandatory, so undertaking such a course shows a level of determination and drive on your part. They are available for those interested in making use of their time during the summer to develop their abilities and opportunities in the future.

By completing a summer school placement, you prove to yourself and others that you are capable of studying abroad. While you are abroad and away from your close family members, you also develop the confidence to get through and succeed without such support, enabling you to become more confident in any new environment.

How does summer school work

Summer school courses consist of lectures, seminars, and workshops for a group of around 15 students, all of whom learn together while creating enjoyable experiences. Most of our summer school courses are self-contained and do not require prior study, but some subject knowledge of the course is recommended.

How we can help you

We are affiliated with more than 50 summer schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and have gained over 7 years of experience in admitting students to their desired summer school.

As a result, we are confident that we can help you decide what options are best for you and which of these are available for you to apply for, at a given time. We are here to advise you from our experience on the best options for you, with special focus on your chosen career or education route.

Age Range

3-8 years, 8-17 years and 18+ years


Summer schools (2 – 12 weeks)

Start Date

June to August (Summer school)

Course Location

UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


General English/ Standard English

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

English for Special Purpose (ESP)

English for Academic Purpose (EAP)

One-to-one English course

English Language & activities

Intensive English/ Super intensive English

Business English/ IELTS preparation

Oxbridge exams

Oxbridge Preparation Course

UK Education Taster Programme

UK Law Taster Programme

Creative writing

Art, Drama, Music

Entry Requirements

Normally no entry requirements for English courses. Specialised English courses have academic & IELTS requirements.


For Summer School £500-£900 per week and go up depending on the duration and type of course, as well as the institutions at which you wish to study.

Application Process Time

3-5 days

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