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Study in France

Studying in France is affordable because their government spend a large amount of their money funding the education system. You can spend your weekends visiting the museums, eating frog’s legs, cheese, mussel, fresh baguette and croissants.

Degrees are primarily taught in French but there are some private institutions teaching in English and more state institutions are rolling out English taught degrees too, visit Campus France to discover more.

France is the UK and Ireland’s closet continental neighbour with four universities in the Times Higher Education Top 200 Universities Rankings for 2013-14. Like the UK, higher education takes place in universities, colleges, and institutes of technology. There are also a number of private universities sometimes referred to as Grandes Écoles; they charge higher tuition fees and have a competitive entrance exam. Class size are normally a lot smaller than the UK and there is a mixed approach with some assessments made as a group and others made individually.

Why Study in France?

  • High quality education system

  • French culture of living

  • Close to home

  • Accessible to mainland Europe

  • How much will it cost?

  • Estimated living expense - 1.000 euro per month

  • Undergraduate (licence) tuition fees from 181 euro per year

  • Postgraduate tuition fees from 250 euro per year

  • 3+ years for undergraduate courses

  • Tuition rates at private institutions is generally higher (from 3,000 euro annually).

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