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Study in Lithunia

Why Choose Lithuania? Lithuania is home to excellent universities and colleges. Since the 16th century they have always been known for their high level of teaching and quality of education. This is probably the reason why the population of Lithuania is one of the most educated in the Europe.

Lithuanians are kind, friendly and hospitable people. They like learning foreign languages and discovering new things about different cultures. You will definitely find great friends here and the network of classmates that you can build up while studying in Lithuania will definitely become an invaluable asset for your future career. The range of study programmes, options and qualifications offered by Lithuanian universities is wide and diverse. Combine this with relatively low tuition fees and living costs in Lithuania compared to the other European countries, and is a perfect study destination.

    Why study in Lithuania?
  • Excellent universities and colleges.

  • Geographical centre of Europe lays just outside Vilnius

  • Fastest Internet in Europe

  • Almost 90% percent of the student population are provided with accommodation in the halls of residence.

  • Relatively low tuition and living expenses

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