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Research Courses

Research Courses

About MPhil and MRes Courses

The MPhil (Master of Philosophy) & MRech (Master of Research) are stand-alone postgraduate research degrees that are attained by undertaking a programme over one year. This is often pursued after the completion of a bachelor’s degree as an intermediate step before transferring onto a PhD programme thereafter.

To be considered, potential applicants should normally have a bachelor's degree with good grades. However, universities may vary their entry requirements depending on academic areas, sometimes requiring a taught master's degree.

The MPhil is the first stepping-stone towards a PhD. It equips students with advanced research techniques that are required to start a PhD. The research undertaken in an MPhil course is normally limited in scope and originality, in comparison to a PhD.

Once the research is completed, students are to write a 60,000-word thesis, which they will then need to defend in an oral examination. The research thesis demonstrates the student’s proficiency in research methods, ability in research design, knowledge of the area researched, understanding of the associated academic subject area(s) and skills in critical evaluation.

About DBA and PhD courses

The PhD and DBA are the highest academic degrees you can earn within a field of study, as part of the first key stage of a career in academic research. These qualifications have a uniquely special value in many professional areas.

The duration of a PhD is usually a minimum of 3 years of full time study. However, some universities design it for 4 years including the writing up process. PhDs are research courses.

This means you will identify and choose a specific area of knowledge that has not been explored before. You will then take on the task of investigating the area, scrutinising information and recording your findings.

Many universities in the UK offer Skills Training via a central research office. This equips students with a range of research, transferable and career-oriented skills, in addition to the rigorous academic experience.


MPhil & MRech: 1-2 years; PhDs & DBAs: 3-5 years

Start Date

Typically January-February, May-June, and September-October, though some institutions enrol new students all year around.

Course Location

UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree holders are eligible to pursue MPhil & MRech

1st class Bachelor’s degree holders are eligible to gain direct entry into MPhil, leading to PhD

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree holders are able to pursue PhDs

Without a Master’s degree or MBA, students cannot apply for DBAs

IELTS 6:5 or over, with 7:0 in writing


The fees vary from £6,000 to £35,000 depending on the duration and type of course you wish to study.

Progression Route

After completing an MPhil or MRech, you can being a DBA or PhD. If you complete a DBA, you can progress on to the final stage of a PhD. For those who have completed a PhD, they may pursue a second PhD in a different area, or focus on progress in their professional careers.

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