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Why Choose us?

We Understand Education and Student Recruitment

We have extensive knowledge of ever-changing education sector. With the valuable insights to deliver, we offer the best educational, cultural and financial solutions to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our team comprises the educators, counselling experts and University professors along with a huge Alumni network to refer students in order to enrol at the top Universities. Our extensive experience of more than 10 years’ in the industry gives us an incomparable advantage of having a comprehensive understanding of the student recruitment industry

An Accomplished Team

Our team of education and marketing experts have worked extensively in this industry and their vast experience comes as an immense advantage to our clients.

We are good at what we do

Our team has the knowledge and resources to provide cost-effective yet targeted and highly productive marketing solutions suited to the needs of our client University, eventually helping them to reach their international student recruitment target.

We have a strong network of students and agents

We currently have more than 21000 students registered with us across the world. We have agents network in 36 countries which provide career guidance to the prospective students.

We understand the needs of our partner Universities

Having served over 200 Universities around the globe, we have inclusive understanding and concept of our partner University’s perspectives and requirements. Therefore, we provide bespoke solutions which exceed their expectations.


  • Developing targeted and tailored marketing strategies to increase student recruitment
  • Opportunities to participate in our educational fairs and promotional events to help our partner University create a strong presence in the global market
  • Help you conduct international education fairs to showcase best of your courses, features and services
  • Provide services to establish a network of international education agents across South Asia, Middle East and African region
  • Provide services for screening of applications to ensure that our partner University’s admissions team receives qualitative and verified applications of high quality students
  • Provide marketing and branding services to reach out to a massive pool of potential international students
  • Arranging affiliation and articulation agreement with overseas Universities to facilitate dual degree certification
  • Developing centre devised courses recognised by the UK awarding bodies.

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